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Makita DTM50Z 18v Li-ion Oscillating Multi Tool (Body)


Updated from Makita’s ever so popular BTM50z, the Makita DTM50z has all the benefits of the BTM50z but is now fully compatible with the growing lithium Ion Battery range. Both protecting the battery cells and getting the most efficiency out every charge.



  • Thumb On/Off switch, positioned for ease of use when holding body of machine.

  • Hex wrench holder on body.

  • Variable speed control dial.

  • Dust extraction attachment.

  • Accessories can be installed at 30º increments, across 360º

  • Uses OIS interface.


Technical Specification

  • Battery Type Lithium-ion

  • Charging Time 22 min

  • Battery Quantity (3.0 Ah) 1

  • Voltage 18 v

  • Oscillation Angle 3.2 º

  • Oscillations per Minute 6000 - 20000

  • Vibration K factor 1.5 m/sec²

  • Vibration: Cutting Metal 5 m/sec²

  • Vibration: Chiselling 7.5 m/sec²

  • Vibration: Cutting Wood 9.5 m/sec²

  • Vibration: Sanding 2.5 m/sec²

  • Net weight 2.0 kg

Makita DTM50Z 18v Li-ion Oscillating Multi Tool (Body)

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