Diggers, Dumpers & Pokers

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Clacton Tool Hire mini 1.5 ton excavator

Micro 1 Ton Excavator

Clacton Tool Hire 2.5 ton excavator

2.5 Ton Excavator

Pecker Concrete Breaker Digger Attachment

3 Ton Dumper

Clacton Tool Hire 1.5 ton excavator

1.5 Ton Excavator


3 Ton Excavator

Post Hole Auger Digger Attachment

Available in 6, 9 & 12" models.

3 Ton Swivel Dumper

1 Ton High Tip Dumper

Tracked Skip Loader

Mini Dumper (Powered Wheelbarrow)

Electric Vibrating Poker

1 Ton High Tip Neuson Dumper

Tracked High Tip Skip Loader

Petrol Vibrating Poker