Zephyr Honey Nubuck Safety Boots


The Honey Boot is possibly one of the most popular styles of Safety Boot on the market today. Looking at the ZX73 from Zephyr you can certainly see why. Not only does the boot hit the mark on style it also boasts a whole range of features that will delight the wearer. It is made from premium full grain Nubuck leather with a breathable lining for all day comfort. The ARZ Gel Heel Insert absorbs impact energy and assists in protecting the heel area from injury whilst reducing fatigue and the wide toe box ensures maximum comfort. The Outsole is SRC rated slip resistant and extremely durable for long wear periods and the steel toe and penetration resistant midsole offer outstanding protection. Certified to EN ISO 20345:2011, it really is easy to understand what makes these boots so popular.



Premium full grain Nubuck Leather
Toe Protection – Steel
Penetration Resistant Midsole
ARZ Gel Heel Insert
Generous width fitting


Price has been adjusted to apply by safety equipment VAT.

Zephyr Honey Nubuck Safety Boots